"Faith in Film" is dedicated to promoting the careers of emerging filmmakers who have made the decision to incorporate elements of faith in their films as well as established filmmakers who are making the transition to more faith-based themes. Our ultimate goal is twofold:

To leverage the Festival as a venue for introducing faith-based films to mass audiences and ultimately give them the same multi-platform release schedules and revenue streams that traditional studio films and high-end independent films already enjoy; and

To inspire, showcase, support, and develop filmmakers of all faiths so that they will be encouraged to make and distribute high-quality, thought-provoking, faith-based films that leave audiences touched, moved and inspired.

Our aim is to open doors for faith filmmakers.


We believe that The Faith in Film Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition will quickly become the most respected faith-based film festival and writing competition in the world. While there is a scattering of faith-based film festivals already in existence, none are fully established, effective or significant. The ‘Faith in Film Film Festival’ is positioned to change the dynamics of the film industry by our ability to identify top faith-based filmmaking talent and then showcase their very best productions while also attracting highly-respected distributors to view and place a bid on their work.