"Amazing fest! Joseph is a fantastic festival director!" -Mark Stewart Iverson 

"I think there should be more film festivals like this one for two reasons. One, it was well run. And two, the film industry needs to promote more uplifting stories. There seems to be lack of them unfortunately in movie theaters, and people need the moral grounding that only stories can deliver." -Harrison Fowler 

"Overall excellent experience. As a screenwriting competitor, I did not attend the festival. As a finalist, the festival team wasted no time in contacting me. If anything, I was the one hard to reach. From the initial phone calls, the detailed script notes and their promise for a contact meeting with someone “in the business,” this group has done exactly what they said they would do. Thus far, a totally pleasant experience. Better than any other festival I have dealt with." -Robert Tate 

"This festival was far and above a delight to be a part of and we were well received by the community. Thank you!"  -Mark Rose

"Wow. We are so honored. Thank you so much." -Hess Wesley 

"This was my first submission for the “Faith in Film International Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition”. It far exceeded my expectations as I made it into the quarter finals and had some very kind words of encouragement from the sponsors of the event.  I would highly recommend this competition to all Screenwriters." -Vic Quinton 

"Great competition for screenwriters! I will enter again." -Victoria Rosendahl 

"Thank you for the Quarter-Finalist placement of my original screenplay Gladiator Wars Z of the World!" -Raymond Harrison 

"We are absolutely thrilled with Faith in Film: Int'l Film Festival & Screenwriting Competition! This was our first time submitting to the festival and were honored to have been a part of it! Definitely looking forward to submitting some of our other projects to this festival! Thank you FIF!!" -Kevin & Maria O’Bryan 

"Thank you very much for nominating my film. We wish your film festival continued prosperity." -小路谷 秀樹

"I am incredibly honored to have had my first screenplay – “The Whole Zen Thing” – be named a quarter-finalist in the 2022 competition. Sending sincere thanks and gratitude to the ‘Faith in Film’ team for their kind recognition – and for their ongoing mission to support faith-based content!"  -Mark Clemente 

"It gives us immense pleasure to get our movie KUGRAMA selected in your prestigious film festival as a nominee. Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity. We are honoured and received your valuable award respectfully." -Lokendrasurya Surya

"Thanks again for quarterfinalling my drama screenplay OF GOD'S WILL. It was an honor and I am happy someone enjoyed reading the script!" -Danny Yang 

"We were excited to receive a nomination for our TV Pilot. We think the genre of the festival is highly important and a good thing for filmmakers of Faith." -Larry E. Johnson 

"My feature length script was a Quarter Finalist. Received good notes. You guys are appreciated. Give thanks." -DK Nwosu 

2022's Screenwriting winners received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included consultations with top talent managers in New York and LA with a minimum of one hours worth of script notes from an industry pro for the grand prize winner. Our top two finalists also received individual industry consultations.


2022 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

Conviction by Garnet Osse Lawrence 


Nathan’s Christmas by Gary Kriesel 

When Crosses Clashed by Robert Tate 


Livingstone by Steve Brehm 

One Road…One Day by Ray Dan Klein

Evicted from the Whale by Randy Steinhauser, James Seamans

Runaway Ship by Theodore Carl Soderberg

The Lazaretto by Steve Garry

Driver’s Seat by Steven Freehauf

The Josephus Conspiracy by David Garrett

The Last Creation by Brad Cooper

The Lion Slayer by Paul Hamilton Magid

Aren’t You the Family? By Angelise Milton

Courageous by Hannah Ratnam 

Sport of Kings by Sharlin Quest

M30 Oxy by Wesley Mullins and Leanne Johnson

Stroke of Genius by Moriel E Randolph

Solitary Refinement by Jaclyn Whitt

Biker by Ruth Elaine Pradzynski

Stealing Mom by Mark Stewart Iverson

Game 4 by Steven Freehauf


Final round judging provided by Coverfly.


"The Faith in Film International Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition is an amazing opportunity for writers. After winning the Grand Prize with our script BEYOND THE MOON, my writing partner and I have already received countless inquiries about our work, as well as potential production opportunities. Everyone at Faith In Film has always been so kind and so supportive. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there for writers of Faith based works! We are honored and humbled by the experience." - Ken Jones

"Nice job in a tough year. We were thrilled to win the Best Ensemble Award for "Gift", and highly recommend this festival to anyone wishing to promote faith based stories." - Alexander Julian III

"Such a gorgeous film festival with such a beautiful intention! This is what the world needs! LOVED everything about it and am so grateful & happy for my first short film LOTUS to be a part of it and to have even received the award for "Best Cinematography". What an amazing team, great communication & organisation. Many thanks for all you are and do." - Angelika Furster

"We had a wonderful time at the Faith in Film: International Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition. It was great seeing our Teaser up on the big screen. Unfortunately, with the C-19 lockdowns there was minimal audience attendance. But those who did attend were very kind and enthusiastic. The host was very warm, and accommodating too. Of course, winning 7 different categories turned out to be a wonderfully unexpected birthday present too!" - Rob Skiba 

2021's Screenwriting winners received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included consultations with top talent managers in New York and LA with a minimum of one hours worth of script notes from an industry pro for the grand prize winner. Our top two finalists also received individual industry consultations.


2021 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

Beyond the Moon by Ken Jones and Suzanne Fitzpatrick


The Christmas Kid by Carmen Lindsay

The Race by Stephanie Banks


The Second Son by Leonard Varasano

A Season of Miracles by Valerie Peterson & Bonnie Peterson

360 A Full Circle by Dar Bryant and Annalee Banks

Revenge of Art by Timothy Paulson

Angelina’s Feather by Stuart Schultz

Hearing Thoughts by Anthony Diffley

No Place I’d Rather Be by Steven Martin

Cat 5 by G.D. Brulato

Jordan’s Slum by John Kestner

In a Heartbeat by Juana Stockham

Spectrum by Bryan Mero

Soul Drivers by Brian Keys Hands

Three Dreams by Sonia Dryden

The God Daughter Files by Erik Michael

The Banner by Ernestina Juarez

Hitler’s Psychiatrist by Thomas Giuliano

Cataclysm by Brian Hayes


Final Round reads provided by Coverfly coverage services


2020's Screenwriting winners received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included consultations with top talent managers in New York and LA with a minimum of one hours worth of script notes from an industry pro for the grand prize winner. Our top two finalists also received individual industry consultations. 

"Great film festival and screenplay contest. Professional all the way. Look forward to entering again. Highly recommended as a way to get your material in front of the right people"

"Well, what I can say. My script "Blood Trigger" was chosen as the grand prize winner of the 2020 Faith in Film International Screenwriting Competition. I personally received a phone call from the festival director, letting me know my script had made the list of three finalists. The next day, I found out I was the winner! In the short time since I won, my script has been submitted to six production companies and managers. Hoping great things will happen. Thanks again!"

"Delighted to have 'Love is Mute' as a part of the Official Selection of Faith in Film's competition! Appreciated how quick and communicative the festival was."

2020 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

Blood Trigger by Ron Podell


Go, Doctor Banting by Scott Sollars, Eric Sollars, and Kyle Sollars

Challenger by Mike Budalich & John Kirk


Camp Hero by Joseph Kovler

The Good Shepherd by Judith Sears

Tongues of Men and Angels by Elizabeth Hayes

Go for Broke by Stephanie Parker

Capital Loss by Xavier John

At the Mercy of Faith by Samuel Lee Taylor

Mysteries of Lake Brosno by Serge Okhotin

Love is Mute by Jean-Marc Le Doux

Flash Drive by Dan Herman

Down is Up by Ligia Maria Storrs Rojas & Justin Storrs


2019 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

Project Omega by James Norris


Arizona Sunrise by John Martins III

The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show by Prema Rose, Hugh Rose, and Suryananda Rose


Full Distance by Jeff Malphurs 

Relentless Love by Sandon Yahn

Savior by Bo Sanders

The Watchmaker by Steven D’Addieco

Barrington Bunny by Sandy Wolf

Throw Away a Miracle by Jerry Perez

Executed and Risen by Salvatore Bono

Shroud Trinity by Frank McEvoy

Runaway Cruise by Theodore Soderberg

Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi by Byron Anderson

Seven Thousand Islands by G.R. White

Ricky Unidas by Carmen Lindsay


"My screenplay, "Flash Drive" was a Semi-Finalist in the 2020 competition. Congratulations to those who became Finalists. I want to thank everyone at Faith In Film for giving us faith-based writers an opportunity to participate in this competition." 

"Many thanks to Joseph and his team at Faith in Film. Our script "Challenger" was named one of three finalists in this year's competition. Just a few days after a notification call from Joseph, the script and log line were distributed to production and management companies with proven track records. Credit goes to Faith in Film for creating genuine opportunities for screenwriters."

"I am so honored that my script, The Good Shepherd, was selected as a semifinalist in the 2020 Faith in Film competition. It is one of the first competition outings for this story of a 1st century Galilean shepherd whose life intersects Joseph, Mary and the child Jesus, so I was grateful that Faith in Film provided written feedback from the last round reader. That will be very helpful. In my interaction with the festival staff I felt they demonstrated a real concern and respect for writers and supporting writers in pursuing their careers. Congratulations to the other semifinalists, finalists, and Grand Prize Winner! A great opportunity!"

2018 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

God’s Photo Album by Susan Arnout Smith


Pokey Nose by Tami Ryder
Songbird by Rebecca Williams Spindler


Love Is Free Will by Amanda Samaroo

Special Report by Joseph Carpenter

The Christmas Notes by Craig Clyde

Runaway Ship by Theodore Soderberg

Florence by Charlotte Scholer

Close Enough to Perfect by Dan Williams

Saving Esperanza by Betty Sullivan

Sarah Soldier by Cara Winter

Wayfarers by Arnon Shorr

Resurrection by Christina Shaver

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin by Candyce Petersen

Forces of Balance by Maurice Lewis

Saving the Moon by Brian Shoop

The Day Little Black Pearl Found God in the Center of a Sunflower by Mildred Langford

Dark Matters by James Beeler

At The Mercy of Faith by Samuel Taylor


Winter 2017 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

The Heart of a Tiger VI by SreyRam Kuy


The Chariots of Motown by Christopher Sansone

Gideon by Randall Hahn


The Jihadist’s Opera by Salil Kapoor

The Joby Project by Michael Long

Bad Christians by Tyler Straessle

Perceptions by Lou Mulford

Halfway Home by David Schroeder

Resurrection by Christina Shaver

Heaven’s Light by Barry Pagel

A Private War by Christine Inserra

Finding Beauty by George Anson

Split Rock by Kyle Hammersmith

Perfect Contrition by James Palmer

LevelLand by George Anson

The Translator by Al Sproles

Bronze by Kerri Weston

Emails from Heaven by Carissa Steefel

Inglorious Pastors by Tom Riffel

Always Something There to Remind Me by Terry Gau

Cadillac Arrest by John Kestner

Whispering Hope by Alvin Easter

Aflame by Deena Martinelli

Perfidies by William Baber

The Hollow by Abigail Taylor Sansom

The Fallen Angels by Charles Kowalski

Resurrection, Nevada by Noelle Nelson

Quest for Light by Byron Anderson

Good Again by Jeanne Dukes

Arizona Sunrise by John Martins III

"If you've got a screenplay where faith plays a part in your story. Then Faith in Film: International Family and Faith Screenwriting Competition is the contest for you...  It will get exposure to top faith based production companies."

"Thank you Faith in Film for all that you do for emerging writers to help promote our projects. I was very excited to receive a call from your team to notify me of my prize. Also, Janet Lee is the absolute best director - making everything run smoothly. I look forward to more wonderful connections through Faith in Film!"

"Thank you Faith in Film!"

Talented screenwriter Joseph Neibich
couple-1209790_1920 copy

Summer 2017 Winners!

Grand Prize Winner!

Burden Stone by Bill Ray, Emilee Danielson, and Chris Danielson. 


Even a Just Man by Mark Christopher Boyd 

Quest for Light by Byron Anderson

Kick Back by RC Atchisson

love-2053479_1920 copy

"Loved it. Really cool projects and people."

"So great to see so many people at one festival who were down for Faith Films!"

"Great little festival."

"All contests start out having to get their feet wet with the process. I'm so glad this contest is pushing forward because I think it'll be a major contender if they keep to their goals. I love the fact that faith films can be cutting edge; I love the fact that this contest actively looked for that. I'm a firm believer that family and faith films need to "cross-over" and speak directly to the heart of the wider audience. Thank you for the prize and accolades. Best to you as your festival grows."

"It was a great honor to be included in this film festival and screenwriting contest. They were very professional and great a communicating. Thank you for selecting Resurrection Time Conspiracy."

"I am encouraged that family and faith film festivals exist. I was thrilled to hear that my screenplays were accepted into the festival."