Film Festival

Faith in Film is a boutique film festival and screenwriting competition that takes place in historic downtown Tucson. 

We might be small, but our films are mighty. We are still in our nascent stages, but have already showcased films starring faith film favorites like Kevin Sorbo, Pat Boone, Cole Hauser, and Eric Roberts. And we showcase these films right alongside our independent shorts presentation. We also go out of our way to support local filmmakers. 

We are starting small, however, our ultimate goal is to forge a film festival and screenwriting competition that will launch the careers of faith based writers and filmmakers and facilitate established artists in transitioning into faith based films; and to introduce faith based films to mass audiences, ultimately, giving them the same multi platform release schedules and revenue streams that traditional studio films and high end independent films enjoy; and to inspire, showcase, support, and develop writers and filmmakers of all faith’s to make great faith based films that leave others touched, moved and inspired; and filmmakers and distributors empowered to make and distribute more films with an element of faith.  


Our film festival accepts feature length films up to 110 minutes in length and short films (up to 40 minutes in length) in several categories. It is a celebration of filmmaking that allows artists and industry professionals at all levels to come, network, and showcase their work. For many filmmakers it will be the first time anyone has seen their work on the silver screen. 

Film Festival Awards are given to filmmakers in several categories, however, all filmmakers are only rewarded with recognition. Also, being nominated and or winning a category does  not guarantee that your film will screen. We have a limited amount of screen time to work with and can only screen the best of the best. 

Moving forward all winners will also be awarded credit and recognition on IMDB!

A quick note about our judges. A lot of festivals and screenwriting competitions like to brag about having celebrity judges or industry judges. We do not. As when you look behind the curtain of those competitions you quickly see that their "industry judges" are only reading the top 5 scripts or top 5 films. Our judges are simply artists and writers; filmmakers and film lovers. We love film and we have excellent taste, but we do not pretend to be star makers. We introduce our winners to top industry professionals, but we do not pretend to be studio executives in any way shape or form.  

--- FILM  AWARDS ---

Best Picture (Best of the Fest)

Best Feature Film

Best Short Film

Best Student Short Film

Best Dramatic Film

Best Comedy Film

Best Horror Thriller or Action

Best Animation

Best Documentary

Best Inspirational Film

Best Web-Series or Pilot


Best Director

Best Indie Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Ensemble



Best Cinematography

Best Editing



--- Recommended Hotels & Restaurants ---



AC Hotel

Hotel Congress

The Tuxon

The McCoy




The Hub

Mi Niditas Mexican

El Charro Mexican

The Seis at the Mercado

Charro Steak & El Rey

Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink

Barrio Brewery

Bisbee Breakfast Club

The Cup at the Congress Hotel




Cartel Coffee on Broadway

Cafe Luce on Congress

Exo Roast on 6th Ave

Hermosa Coffee

Ombre Coffee

Barrio Barrista on Grande

Starbucks on Speedway Espresso

Art Cafe on University

Black Crown Coffee on Speedway

Cartel Coffee on Campbell

Director Joseph Neibich
Touring comedian Joseph Nybyk
Hosted by writer, director, producer Joseph Neibich
Hosted by writer, director, producer Joseph Neibich
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